Lars Ekborg

Back in 1967 Lark Ekborg released a cover album of Tom Lehrer's, it was recorded to mimic the solo piano that Tom favors. While at first thought this sounds like another Jack Elgan, it is not, for Lars translated the songs he sung into Swedish. He picked his favorites off several of Tom's albums, and put them on his album. Lars seems to also be known for his film work in Sweden.

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(Be Prepaired) mp3

Read a translation of the Liner Notes to the album


  • Lars Ekborg i Tom Lehrers Vackra Värld (c)1967/2002 Amigo AMCO 803
    Var Beredd [Be Prepared]
    Min barndoms stad [My Home Town]
    Jägarvisa [The Hunting Song]
    Jag har din hand i min [I Hold Your Hand in Mine]
    När du blir ful och grå [When You Are Old And Grey]
    Wienerschnitzel vals [The Wienerschnitzel Waltz]
    Vem se'n [Who's Next]
    Förgiftning [Pollution]
    En irländsk ballad [The Irish Ballad]
    Porr [Smut]
    Hej svejs, mor [So Long, Mom]
    Vi går tillsammans den dagen det är slut [We Will All Go Together When We Go]

This whole album is also reissued as the disc 3 of the CD box
"Bunta ihop dom" with Lars Ekborg (Sonet, BOXCD 024). Heck you can also read the translation of the liner notes for this album too ...