Nacha Guevara

Nacha Guevara is an Argentinean singer, who has covered many of Tom Lehrers songs translated into spanish from 1969 to 1973. She started covering Mr. Lehrer with her second album, and her 1971 album Este Es El Ano Que Es (That is the year that is a reference to Tom Lehrers album That was the year that was) is a majority of Tom Lehrer covers, with one interesting Victor Borge cover. Tom Lehrers works here are treated to latin influences, including from time to time a latin disco beat. She seems at the the time to have been known for her covers of Tom Lehrer and Stephen Sondheim. Once again, Stephen Sondheim and Tom Lehrer have been paired. During the opression in Argentina, Nacha left and moved to Spain where she still resides, still performing not only on stage, but in films. Her early albums that have Tom Lehrer recordings are very hard to find at this time.


  • Nacha Guevara Mezzo Soprano (c) 1969- Olympia 10110
    • El ejercito de la nueva cancion - Tom Lehrer (1:30)

  • Nacha Guevara - (c)1970 Music Hall 12938
    • Tu Mano En la Mia - Tom lehrer (1:49)
    • Nuestro Amigo El traficante - Tom lehrer (1:47)
    • Cuando estes viejo y pelado - Tom lehrer (2:31)
      Quien Sigue? - Tom Lehrer (2:33)

  • Nacha (en vivo) Guevara Este es el ano que es (c) 1971 - Music Hall 12.986 (112.986)
    • Obertura - Tom lehrer (Instrumental)
    • La Pachanga post Conciliar
    • Chau Mama
    • El Dia de la amnstia
      Los Elementos
    • Que Te ha pasdo Marcelo
      Quien Sigue?
      Estaremos todos Juntos Algun Dia

  • Canciones Para Mis Hijos (c)1973 - Music Hall 2,399
    • La nueva matem├ítica

  • Las Mil Y Una Nachas (c)1973 - CBS CAC-3004/S
    • Envenenando palomas por Plaza San Martin (literially Poising Pidgeons in the Plaza of San Martin
    • Java y tango masoquista

    Only her Tom Lehrer covers have been listed here.
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