Years ago, when I finally owned my own Tom Lehrer records, years after I first fell in love with his wit and satire, I read the back of the reprise recording I had, and noticed, much to my amazement, that there was another recording that I did not have. It listed the TOMFOOLERY soundtrack. For years I searched for it, and finally, on a trip to the UK, I managed to track down a copy. Recently, I obtained, at much personal risk a copy of the Souvenir Songbook. This has answered for me many questions about this show I thought I would never know. I have built this little site to help answer these questions for you, and to hopefully shed some light on this performance, and honor those who put it together.

I have tried in every possible way to retain as much layout from the original source material as possible to give you the flavor of the material.

I hope that this material will help various theator groups in their production of this show.

If you have anything to contribute to this site or trade, please e-mail me by clicking on my name below. I am always looking for programs, photos, and any other Tom Foolery or Tom Lehrer items to expand this site with.

-Gregory Cohen